Current Projects

Digital Threats to Democracy

Enhancing civic engagement, strengthening democracy, and monitoring elections. What role does social media play in elections? How can we identify and respond to hate speech and disinformation designed to undermine democratic practice? Can we build systems that enhance transparency and good governance? How can ICTs help promote an innovative and effective civil society?

Hate Speech and Disinformation in Myanmar 2020 Election

Peacebuilding in a Networked World

Inventing new information and communication systems and examining the role of existing systems in conflict stressed societies and post-conflict peace and reconciliation. Can rich media and the internet help to create dialogue and ultimately heal a nation? How can mobile phones enhance security? Can we build virtual peace memorials?

Liberia TRC Digital Archive

Open Innovation Platform

Inclusive innovation and social entrepreneurship with global connectivity. How do we design a globally connected makerspace that is diverse, accessible, and welcoming? How do we apply global manufacturing innovations and hardware prototyping efficiencies towards sustainable systems?


Exploring systems to empower people and address their needs, desires, and aspirations. How (or why) do we design the "personal" out of "personal computers," the desk out of the desktop, and English from the QWERTY keyboard? Instead, should we create a community computer based on agricultural or family metaphors, for instance? What is a user or community centered design method for low-income countries?

HCI China

Past Projects

Last Mile Initiatives

Examining how systems, policies, and people can bring ICT connectivity to everyone, everywhere. What makes for meaningful access? How do we make ICT access sustainable along social, financial, political, institutional, technological, and environmental dimensions? What are the critical success and failure factors?